Purely Australian

Always inspiring

Even before the first cut of Wild Rivers Purebred Wagyu was created, we’ve been quietly obsessed with creating the exceptional. It’s our benchmark, and it lead us here.

We create Wagyu that is truly without compromise. We ensure every element passes our meticulous standards, so every mouthful evokes a deep sensory experience. For those who seek the ultimate in refined Australian Wagyu, look no further than Wild Rivers Purebred Wagyu. Purity leaves a lasting impression, and brings undeniable joy.

Superior marbling

Enriching experience

Superior marbling doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the culmination of highly focused expertise, advanced farming methods and precise nutrition.

To achieve our 8+ marble score, Wild Rivers Purebred Wagyu are raised naturally on vast open pastures and finished for 350+ days on the most nutritious diet possible – a carefully balanced and nourishing custom blend of natural grains like wheat, corn and barley.

With over 40 years experience as a vertically integrated company, we control every step of the production process. At the forefront is our world-class animal welfare and husbandry practices, along with our commitment to never treat with hormone growth promotants.

Our cattle are healthy, calm and cared for. And that’s reflected in the quality of our Wagyu. Try it for yourself.